FAQ’S – Blast Spa

you can download the Blast Spa & Fitness App and create an account to choose a treatment that suits you

We have locker rooms you can set your own code and keep your belongings safe

You should arrive 15 min before any appointment or class

we recommend that you wear yoga shorts and tank top for best results

yes we have parking and we will have valet parking during peak hours

No unfortunately this is not a place for kids. Your welcome!

Call the facility and we will try our best to accommodate you.

make sure when they sign up, they click on your name in the referral section

You should consult a doctor first.

Cryo skin Is non Invasive used for slimming - cellulite reduction and toning of body and face . It it safe? Very . Many visit us on lunch hour with no down time . When will I see results? In the first session it’s generally visible and very encouraging However the best results appear in the next 2-3 weeks , and extend for several months .

Helps reduce cellulite, Restores fascia , Increases flexibility, Reduces pain, Breaks up fat , Tones and defines muscles , Smooths skin and reduces cellulite . Will I bruise ? It is possible for some . Results? With dedication and commitment Most see results in 3-4 treatments .

This Ipl laser machine helps reduce: Rosacea , Fine lines and wrinkles , Acne scaring , Broken capillaries , Sun spots , Collagen boost Results ? Are seen over a series of treatments .

Yoga therapy s a private treatment that helps with. : Shoulder , knee and hip pain , Tightness , Injury, Even Parkinson’s Results ? We recommend a series to feeling and healing your body.